Address to the Crew

I often joke that I’m out to take over the world. More recently, I’ve changed my focus to taking over Atlanta. (First Atlanta, then the…! Well, you know..)

The fact is, I’m not out to ‘own’  Atlanta or the world in any traditional sense. My aim is to take responsibility for it.. but this cannot be done by me alone. I lack the (attention) resources to take on a responsibility this vast. This is an ongoing task that requires all of us to take responsibility. We have the necessary urgency… we just happen to be dis-empowered in our ability to turn our sense of urgency into collective action.  The missing link keeping us from doing so in a coordinated fashion is Agency.

My intention is to glocally create an agency engine that will enable us to work towards ideal futures we haven’t yet dared to dream. My hope is that you will find this intention valuable enough to invest in by joining my crew and I aboard the Airship Atlanta.

Part of the key to building a new economic foundation is redefining our models of value and ownership.

Value is easy to redefine. In fact, we’re at it constantly! Kudos to capitalism for this innovation. At the moment, we’re living through the information age in which Attention is the most valuable scarce resource. However, the story of the information age is unfinished until we can attach economic value to our intentions.

Ownership is the broken model. Ownership today is based upon solving the problem of distributing scarce resources through entitlement. Between recent events in real estate, intellectual property law, corporate personhood, etc.. we’re seen more and more signs that this old way of thinking increasingly doesn’t apply to an information based global economy.

So, let’s move away from an entitlement model of ownership by turning it inside out. In the new economy, you only own something when you take responsibility for it. The logistical challenges we face in this future are immense. There’s too much stuff, and we have no clue how to optimally align our intentions with others. Since everything is complex beyond our abilities to take effective responsibility for, we need to build institutions that will innovate beyond the problems of attention scarcity within environments of disparate intentions and prevalent disillusionment.

In the future, I envision a world in which all of our institutions are agencies, and we are all agents with the collective capacity to fully steward this world.

In a sense, Airship Atlanta will not be an agency per se, but an agency of agencies. Airship Atlanta is the next step in my strategic meandering to navigate our civilization beyond an attention based economy and fully into the Intention Economy. This is our destination, but there are many waypoints along the way that must be hit.

It begins simply with taking responsibility for not only ourselves, but our core networks. It’s time to take stock of our resources and begin to grow beyond our current capacities. Each of us needs to become both an agent and an agency for those around us.

I’m blessed to have such a disproportionately large network of artists, technologists, and social activists. Entrepreneurs all. It’s time for each of us to step up our game, pursue our dreams and do so in as massively a coordinated fashion as possible. My first task in getting Airship Atlanta off the ground is to make a meager profit while helping many of you make even greater profits. (Your first task.. well, that’s up to you!)

To put it more simply, it’s time to make some money people!

-Captain Calliope