starting something new

A year ago, I made the decision to follow my dreams to see where they lead. I had the beginnings of a grand plan, but those plans partially fell to the side when I began work with Joe Winter and Jessyca Holland on what is now C4 Atlanta. The things I’ve learned this past year have been invaluable, and I’m quite satisfied with the work we’ve done so far to make Atlanta and awesome place to live and work.

Rather than a distraction, I see my past year at C4 Atlanta as the first step towards something much greater. Moving forward I intend to continue to serve C4 both as a volunteer and a member of the board, but the next wing of my adventures requires much greater risk-taking than would be responsible under C4 Atlanta’s banner. The path I’m charting shows a steep learning curve ahead and I need lots of space to fail as quickly and often as possible.

I’m not quite ready to reveal the form this new venture will take as it largely depends upon the crew I’m assembling to join me in its creation.

I do however like code naming projects! I call this one ‘Project A2’.

Let’s start building, shall we?


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