Rebooting NetSquared Atlanta

NetSquared Atlanta American Cancer Society HostA few years back I used to organize a monthly meetup called NetSquared Atlanta which is an offshoot of Techsoup’s Net2local program. It went on for about a year and we had an absolutely wonderful host in the American Cancer Society.

There have been multiple attempts to start the group back up over the years but so far these attempts haven’t gelled.

So it’s time to try again!

My aim is to create a space where social change agents, techies and nonprofit professionals can come together and build an action network based on collaboration and innovation.

My plan is to organize three months of programming (August through October) and see where it goes from there.

I’m looking for co-organizers to get this off to a strong start, so shoot me a tweet @captaincalliope if you’re interested. And be don’t forget to join the NetSquared Atlanta meetup group!

NetSquared Atlanta Attendees Introduce Themselves

I’m collecting links relevant to organizing Net2local programming and Net2Atlanta events below.

About NetSquared

Net2local Community

Net2local Event Organizing

Net2Atlanta’s current web presence


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