Quick update

I’m in Atlanta this week tying up a few loose ends and  loosening up a few pesky knots. Will be back in Boston next week.

I’ve decided to start an experiment in personal transparency using Evernote. I’ve made my primary notebook in Evernote public, and I’ll be using it as my personal workspace on the web.

Everything there is part of my work process, so assume that the majority of posts will always remain half-baked or incomplete . Link to the full Evernote notebook here.

I connected with Mozillians Matt Thompson and Philip Smith last week to talk about next steps regarding the idea of rebooting Planet Mozilla. My gut feeling is that news filter problems within Mozilla are only going to get worse as the organization begins to grow by orders of magnitude. These problems won’t be solved by higher quality storytelling nor marketing of said content alone.

The problem is systemic, and potential solutions must be operational.

Soooo.. I’m riffing off of all the amazing work going into Grow Mozilla to create a companion initiative focused on processes for narrative engagement and organizational alignment with mission.

Here’s my work in progress (in Evernote) for the curious:

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