personal development in 2015

2010 was something of a digital and spiritual reboot of my life. I created a new online/public identity and along with it made a commitment to personal growth made possible the the realization that doing things for myself first wasn’t counter to making the world a better place. As 2015 approached, I began to sense that it would be a similar year of renewal for me. Not one in which I throw everything out again to start from scratch but a time to grow on top of the experiences and relationships I’ve cultivated in the past five years.

Last year I realized that I’ve plateau’d in how far my current abilities will take me. I lack skills I need to accomplish the big picture goals I’ve set for myself. It’s time to level up.

My priority in 2015 will be on the personal development necessary to set the stage for the next 5-15 years of my life. Professionally, I’m aiming for a product management trajectory. Practically, this means cultivating greater facilitative and technical capabilities.

I want to become a better facilitator. I’ve spent much of the past decade being a community organizer and in that time I’ve come to realize that going from being a community to an intentional community of practice that other communities can rely upon is hard! I want to be more effective at helping the people around me work together toward common goals. So far, I’ve gotten by learning through trial and error but it’s time for me to find guidance in this area.

It’s also time for me to finally gain some web design+development skills. I’m not interested in becoming a full-blown application developer, but I do want to know enough Javascript and  HTML5 to create rapid prototypes that use real data. I need these skills in order to move conversations forward and be more persuasive when arguing for any particular path forward.

The overall learning path for me this year may go something like this: web design -> UX design -> API design -> service design. I’m not seeing these as sequential, but as technical and interpersonal skill layers that build on top each other. My big goal for 2015 is to become more impactful by deepening my technical autonomy while broadening my collaborative capacities.

Although personal development is my priority this year, this doesn’t mean I’m stepping away from my work at Code for Boston, Mozilla, or in advising creatives and young organizations around Boston. My activities within these communities have put me in the perfect position to learn and practice these new skills I seek to cultivate. My roles within these organizations and across my networks will be evolving this year and I’m really looking forward to see what that looks like!

I plan to document my activities more consistently (for once in my life) this year. As much as possible, I’d like to follow a connected, project based learning approach to everything I accomplish. I want to share everything I’m learning, and invite others to join me as peers and mentors. Stay tuned for more!

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Gordon Zhu

Hey Lyre. I also sent you a tweet (I’m @gordon_zhu). Just wanted to see how I could help out.

I currently teach people how to program at (which I think would be a really cool project for you) along with some other side projects, like “Eloquent JavaScript, The Annotated Version” (

I also spent time as PM on Google Maps so let me know if you want to chat about PM stuff as well.

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