just released: ‘Amira 1.0.0’ A Self-Sovereign Web of Trust Engagement Model

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Amira 1.0.0: A Self-Sovereign Web of Trust Engagement Model

This paper began as a collaborative project at the fifth Rebooting the Web of Trust^1 workshop, held in Cambridge MA in October 2017. We reinterpret Christopher Allen’s Rebooting the Web of Trust user story,^2 through the lens of the Information Lifecycle Engagement Model (described in Appendix A). We present a human-centric illustration of an individual’s experience in a self-sovereign, decentralized realization of the Web of Trust as originally conceived by Phil Zimmerman for PGP.^3

In our scenario, Amira is a successful programmer working in Boston at a prestigious multi-national bank. Outside of working hours, Amira wants to give back to her community by writing software that matters. On the advice of her friend Charlene, Amira joins RISK, a self-sovereign reputation network that connects developers with projects while protecting participants’ anonymity, building reputation, and sending & receiving secure payments.

This paper came out of the Rebooting the Web-of-Trust workshop series. The purpose of #RebootingWebofTrust is:

This facilitated design workshop (“DesignShop”), hosted by Christopher Allen, is focused on the creation of the next generation of decentralized web-of-trust based identity systems. The goal of this event is to generate 5 technical white papers on topics decided by the group that will have the greatest impact on the future, followed by a hackathon early in the new year to implement those ideas.


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