Author: Lyre Calliope

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re-startup mode

For nearly two years, my primary focus has been on the information security of activists and marginalized communities at risk of being targeted by hostile actors through the internet. I began working on this as part ActSecure, an ad-hoc group of movement technologists formed after the 2016 election. The need is great, and there’s only…

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just released: ‘Amira 1.0.0’ A Self-Sovereign Web of Trust Engagement Model

I helped make a thing! Amira 1.0.0: A Self-Sovereign Web of Trust Engagement Model This paper began as a collaborative project at the fifth Rebooting the Web of Trust^1 workshop, held in Cambridge MA in October 2017. We reinterpret Christopher Allen’s Rebooting the Web of Trust user story,^2 through the lens of the Information Lifecycle…

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