Lyre Calliope

Lyre Calliope

Tweet Thread

Tweets via @ealshafei: "Funders often reject projects because they "don’t have any potential to scale globally." Not every project, especially in tech, can or should be scaled."

politics of developers

“Counterpoint: any software that is intended to be used by humans is inevitably an expression of its programmers’ understanding of the software’s audience, and therefore the programmers’ beliefs about the nature of those humans’ lives and priorities and the value…

my values

A few years ago a friend of mine walked me through a personal values definition exercise. What came out of the exercise deeply resonated with me. When I’m feeling lost or needing some clarity around the whos, whats, wheres, whens,…

shifting where i post what on social media

Around 2016, I stopped talking about my professional life on Facebook and Twitter. I’m not going to go into why (2016 turned stressful for some reason..) but I’d like to start talking about work I’m doing more publicly in these…